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Get Started with Angular

It is a frontend framework which really meant to make developer life easy to build single page application (SPA). Angular is extremely famous for modern web application development.

In general, the design of large complex applications presents a lot of challenges. The frontend framework allows for a certain SPA strategy.

Angular's major reason for Angular success is :

Simplicity, angular is simple. Provide complete solutions from setting up new projects from CLI to support testing for all web application creation.

It makes web developer work easier because it is strong, platform-independent and browser support (all major browsers support Angular).

With RxJS, Angular supports the reactive paradigm of web programming. Developers such as Observables and Subjects and its versatile web application creation.

It’s backed by Google.

The strength of Google behind Angular can not be overlooked.

Google, with a strong brand and history, is continuing to develop it aggressively.

Big companies are more likely to purchase the Google Angular brand as well as huge teams in Angular which is particularly true for large corporate customers.

Here is the quick look at JS Evolution:

quick glance at Evolution of JS

Angular framework built according to web platform evolution

In addition, you could confuse AngularJS (Angular version 1.x-2009) and Angular (in its beginnings, Angular 2). These two frameworks are distinct. You may be confused for AngularJS (Angular version 1.x) and Angular (Angular 2). They're two different frameworks that have a similar name (unfortunately) because some of the same people have developed them.

But Angular 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and now 8 are always just Angular. Each newer version contains a new changes and features but the basics of the framework are always the same Angular basics

Different features of Angular :

different features of Angular

  • Angular application are written in typescript
  • ES6 is the upcoming version of JavaScript
  • TypeScript is a superset of ES6, but not all TypeScript features are part of ES6
  • TypeScript is Class based object oriented programming
  • TypeScript must be transpiled into ES5 to run in most browsers
  • TypeScript can understand exisiting JavaScript with .d.ts files
  • Syntax similar to Backend langauges (Java, C#)

Why TypeScript? :

"TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which primarily provides optional static typing, classes and interfaces. One of the big benefits is to enable IDEs to provide a richer environment for spotting common errors as you type the code."

  • Better Classes and Modules.
  • Static type checking.
  • Has Great Tools.
  • Makes Abstractions Explicit.
  • Simple to reason with.
  • Works with js NPM modules.

Why typescript

Here's a quick example of how the typescript compares to the standard js code.

Next important things, we need to understand is what the basic building blocks of Angular are that we need to understand to develop any application:


  • Primary building blocks of visual interface
  • A template for the view with supporting code

  • Directive:
  • Allow Angular code to manipulate the DOM

  • Pipe:
  • Data transformation

  • Service:
  • Encapsulation of application logic

  • Route:
  • A URL path/Component ID combination (Used to control navigation/flow through an application)

They help to build angular software together. Here's a simple diagram of architecture


  • Angular framework built on the evolution of the web platform
  • Writing code in TypeScript
  • Support for web worker or server-side.
  • Single platform for web, mobile web, native mobile, desktop
  • Modern, Cutting edge, performance, productivity, versatility.
  • It's a platform, no longer framework

Learning Angular is very easy, as it has been developed, considering thatothre developer from Java, .Net can easily adopt it. I hope you get a quick look at Angular and begin your journey to add this to your skill set.

Next we will see Angular Spring Boot Hello World Example

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