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Spring Cloud

Let's talk about Spring Cloud and how microservices juiced up by using something like Spring Cloud to actually introduce this functionality without you reinventing the wheel with every new project. So, Spring Cloud was released in March of 2015. The idea's it build common distributed system pattern into this code, so instead of building the scaffolding yourself, instead using annotations, things to be empowered by Spring Boot. I'm very quickly bringing these capabilities into applications in a common way that all of applications can take advantage of all features.

Microservice architecture with Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS

This is all open source and optimized for Spring apps. It's great that you can run this anywhere, run this in the platform like Cloud Foundry, run this in Kubernetes, run this in a container somewhere else, run this in a virtual machine or a bare metal box, this is not technology that's specialized to an individual host. What's cool is this uses a lot of Netflix technology that they had and we're going to spend a lot of time with that in this course, that these are capabilities that Netflix has really battle tested with some significant load and some very dynamic situations.

In this tutorial, we are going to build Metro Station with the capabilities of Ticket Pass its Rates. And will demonstrate how spring cloud components works in this example. Spring Cloud Component Example

Spring Cloud Components/Features

Spring Cloud focuses on providing good out of box experience for typical use cases and extensibility mechanism to cover others. Will cover below components of Spring Cloud.

  1. Discovering Services with Eureka Server

  2. Load Balancing with Eureka

  3. Circuit Breaker

  4. Ribbon Without Eureka Integration

  5. Ribbon With Eureka Integration

  6. Creating a Zuul Proxy

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