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Angular Spring Boot Security Tutorial (2024) | TechGeekNxt >>

Angular Spring Boot Security Tutorial (2024)

Angular Spring Boot Flow

Spring Boot Security for Web application

Spring Security is a versatile and highly customisable framework for authentication and access control. This is the de-facto standard used to protect Spring-based applications. Spring Security is a framework which aims to provide Java applications with both authentication and authorisation. Like all Spring ventures, Spring Security's main strength lies in how quickly it can be adapted to meet personalized requirements

Features :
  1. Extensive and robust Authentication and Authorisation service
  2. Protection against attacks such as session fixation, clickjacking, forgery of cross-site requests, etc
  3. Inclusion of Servlet API Additional inclusion of Spring Web

We will look at core concepts of Spring Security along with Angular, How to create your own angular spring boot application and understand what lies beneath by learning to implement the core part of the Spring Security

Let's get started :

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