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Essential Protractor Interview Questions (2024) | TechGeekNxt >>

Essential Protractor Interview Questions and Answers (2024)

Protractor is an open-source testing framework for end-to-end testing on Angular apps. It can integrate several pieces of technology, such as NodeJS, Jasmine, Selenium, Mocha, and many more.

Protractor tests an application much like a human user, since the test is carried out using a real browser.

In this post, questions from Protractor Interviews will be answered for Experienced and Freshers. We're trying to share our experience and learn how to help you make progress in your career.

  1. What is Protractor?
  2. What are the Benefits of using Protractor ?
  3. What makes Protractor different from traditional Selenium WebDriver?
  4. what is difference between Protractor and Jasmine?
  5. Why you choose Protractor when testing an application built on Angular or Angular JS and not Selenium?

Q: What is Protractor?

Protractor is a web-based testing automation platform that incorporates powerful frameworks such as jasmine, selenium, node.js etc.

The testing tool for Protractor is an end-to-end behavior-driven testing framework designed to take account of Angular applications. It works equally well for angular as well as non-angular JS applications.

Protractor is a node.js port of the, which is the JavaScript implementation of Selenium framework.

Q: What are the advantages of using Protractor?

  • Protractor is an open-source tool for End-to-end testing.
  • Easily installation and setup. Protractor is a Node.js app. As such, you can install it via npm
  • Multiple browser support (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer).
  • The ability to run multiple browsers at once using Selenium Grid
  • Support for Behavior-driven development such as Jasmine/Mocha
  • Well-suited for Angular and non-Angular JavaScript apps,
  • Angular-specific locators
  • Get rid of dealing with synchronization issue in Angular JS websites. No need to add sleeps/waits
  • TypeScript supports the latest JavaScript features including ECMAScript 2015 and also gives all the benefits of ES6 plus more productivity.

Q: What are the test frameworks supported by Protractor?

Protractor supports two Behavior-driven development (BDD) test frameworks right out of the box are Jasmine & Mocha

Q: What is Jasmine ?

Jasmine is a JavaScript open source testing framework. It aims to run on any platform that is JavaScript-enabled. It doesn't need a DOM and it has a clean, straightforward syntax that allows us to write tests easily.

Q: What is Mocha ?

Mocha is a Node.js program JavaScript test framework, featuring browser support, asynchronous testing, test coverage reports, and use of any library of assertions.

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Q: What files need to setup for test case in Protractor ?

We needs 2 files to run:
  • Configuration file : The Configuration file is the one that tells Protractor where to find the test files (specs)/which browser to pick/which framework to use (Jasmine/Mocha)/where to talk to your Selenium browser and other configurations. If any configuration is not defined in configuration files, it will use defaults.
  • Spec file : Spec file is the one where we write our actual test code. All of our test functional flow/assertions will be in this specific file. There might be several spec files based on the number of test cases but just 1 spec file will be able to run the entire test suite of several specs.

Q: Explain how Protractor different from traditional Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium is a framework for Browser Automation. Selenium provides the browser drivers for the Selenium Server, WebDriver APIs, and WebDriver.

For AngularJS applications, Protractor is an end-to-end test framework. Protractor is a program from Node.js that supports the test frameworks for Jasmine and Mocha.

In combination with Selenium, Protractor works to provide an automated test infrastructure that can simulate a user's interaction with the Angular framework running on a mobile device or browser.

Q: Why Protractor when testing an application built on Angular or Angular JS and not Selenium ?

we can use both of these tools (Protractor & Selenium) can be used to assist us with flawless browser automation. However Protractor just makes it easier to test the Angular application. It has Automatic Waiting for elements and you can access specific Angular elements by.model and by.binding. Also it implements the Page Objects in the framework making tests more maintainable if used correctly.

  • Protractor supports both JavaScript and TypeScript .
  • Protractor is a WebDriverJS wrapper and supports frameworks for behavior driven development such as Jasmine, Cucumber, Mocha, etc.
  • Protractor works in conjunction with Selenium. It offers some other new locator strategies that automate the testing of AngularJS applications.
  • The $http or $timeout synchronisation problems resulting from Angular/Angular JS are treated very well by Protractor.

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