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The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cloud Interview Questions and Answers (2024) | TechGeekNxt >>

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cloud Interview Questions and Answers (2024)

In this post, questions from Spring Cloud Interviews will be answered for Experienced and Freshers. We're trying to share our experience and learn how to help you make progress in your career.

  1. What is need for Cloud?
  2. What is Spring Cloud?
  3. What are the advantages of using cloud?
  4. Which design pattern are used in Microservices?
  5. What is Netflix Feign?
  6. What is netflix feign advantages?
  7. What is Eureka in Spring Cloud?
  8. What is Hystrix in Microservices?
  9. What is ZUUL?

Q: What is need for Cloud?

  • Cloud has taken over most of the hosting servers into a single large server space.
  • Cloud computing is similar to traditional hosting, which makes use of the single dedicated server, while cloud computing uses virtualization technology to pool or share resources from the underlying network of the physical servers.
  • It is the kind of computing that relies on shared computing resources instead of local servers and personal devices.
  • Q: What is Spring Cloud?

    Spring Cloud Stream App Starters are Spring Boot based Spring Integration applications that provide integration with external systems. Spring Cloud Task. A short-lived microservices framework to quickly build applications that perform finite amounts of data processing.

    Refer Spring Cloud Tutorial for more details and examples.

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    Q: What are the advantages of using cloud?

    Following are the benefits of using Spring Cloud.

    • It is cost effective. Economies of scale in acquisition of equipment, utilities and maintaining.
    • Spring Cloud providers provides a better service level than the best private infrastructure we could afford.
    • Abstracts infrastructure complexity. We can use or resources on our application functional requirements instead of maintaining infrastructure or platforms.
    • It provides Scalability so that no matter how efficient is your provider and your IT team, using cloud providers we can scale dynamically.

    Q: Which design pattern are used in Microservices?

    1. Aggregator Microservice Design Pattern
    2. Shared Data Microservice Design Pattern
    3. Asynchronous Messaging Microservice Design Pattern
    4. Proxy Microservice Design Pattern
    5. Chained Microservice Design Pattern
    6. Branch Microservice Design Pattern

    Q: What is Netflix Feign?

    Feign is a declarative web service client. It makes writing web service clients easier. To use Feign create an interface and annotate it.

    Q: What is netflix feign advantages?

    Netflix provides Feign as an abstraction over REST-based calls, by which microservices can communicate with each other, however developers don't have to bother about REST internal details.

    Q: What is Eureka in Spring Cloud?

    A Spring Cloud service provider is a service that receives and accepts authentication in combination with a single sign-on profile of the Security Assertion Markup Language (Spring Cloud).

    Q: What is Hystrix in Microservices?

    Hystrix is a library from Netflix. In order to provide latency and fault tolerance, Hystrix is a library which controls the interaction between microservices. In addition, changing the UI makes sense to let the user know that anything might not have worked as planned or may take longer to do so.

    Q: What is ZUUL?

    Zuul is basically a JVM router and server-side load balancer provided by Netflix.

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